Japanese Garden

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About Jessica Dowse

I'm an International journalist/ social commentator/ ski champion/ guitar player/ Spanish speaker/ Kung-fu expert/ninja/superstar/spaceman……in the making…. making being the key word... A bit about me: I am young, energetic and flexible in my dreaming! Jason Mraz is my religion, politics and relationship status. I believe that any problem in life can be solved with a balanced symbiosis of Elton John, Shakespeare and Billy Joel. Some may say this makes me, either very lame, or very naive… I like to think it makes me idealistic…and I think at 24, that’s still ok… I have recently finished an MA at Falmouth University in Cornwall, England in International Journalism. Now I am employed as a video journalist by CRI in Beijing. Dream job! I want to make documentaries, have adventures and travel the world.

2 thoughts on “Japanese Garden

  1. Dear Jessica, I am enchanted by your photos of Japan! My husband and I are very small publishers in Michigan, USA who primarily publish the work of storytellers. We currently have a storyteller who has written a lovely little book of folktales from Japanese countryside. We would like to know if any of your photographs would be available to use in a cover design. We would of course, be happy to credit your work.

    • Dear Linda, Thank you for getting in touch and so glad you like my photos…seems like forever ago that I took them! I would love to have my work used as a cover design for a book. Would you like to email me with further details and I will select some possible pictures to suit your needs? I’ll look forward to hearing from you. Jess Email: jessica.dowse@googlemail.com

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