Nutella Off!

June 17 2010

So I’m living on a farm up in the mountains with a cool hippie family who have a tendency to walk in on me when I’m changing.

They have three cats, who incidentally like to sleep in/on my bed, one dog that is pretty docile so that’s ok, three sons 7-21, a shower that is too small to stand up in, a shed full of hay, a tractor and a stella view. It all sounds pretty fantastic huh? Well it is, but I tell you when you are knelt in the shower, one hand on the unlocked door that people like to parade through, the dribbling showerhead strategically held under your chin and a you’re using your free hand to shave your legs in breakneck speed, you do start to wonder if it really is! I sound angry. I’m not. It is just hands down, the oddest experience ever. Sharing someone’s home, having them feed you and do your laundry is weird. Especially when you don’t know them and they can barely speak a word of English.

It’s going ok though…I mean it’s bound to be a little strange at first.

One of the kids in the house is also in my class at camp, Nicolo. Sweetest little thing ever. He is seven and as soon as I entered the house he had me holding all his cats, watching his Italian version of the Simpsons and likes to wake me up by coming silently into my room and watching me sleep. On my first full day with them he took me walking up the river and as he skipped through the slippery rocks and gushing water with ease, he drilled, falling, not so elegant me on my Italian numbers. He would not stop until I could repeat them with great speed and perfection and he makes me perform it to everyone we meet and pats me on the back when I get it all right…bless him!

My class is full of the most beautiful little things. I have 11 6-8 year olds who can barely say their names and good God I am in love with every one of them! They are full of energy and require a shed load of patience and constant praise and stickers, but they are sooo freekin cute. I wanna steal them all and pretend they’re mine! They get all sleepy in the afternoon and just hang on your arm and look up at you and….ooo I’m broody! But camp is so much fun! I thought it was going to be too intense with just two of us but it turns out we get on really well and are working great together. So far we have kept all the kids alive and they seem to be enjoying it. We barely stop though as we can’t really take a break given there’s only two of us, but we’re kind of just getting used to it and running on excessive amounts of cake and pizza.

Ima be fat!

Today we had to decide on a plot for the final show that we perform for the whole town on Friday. This in itself is a difficult task given my kids can just about pronounce their names…but after a little translation we arrived at this: One half want to be pirates, one half want to be mummies, one kid wants to be Frodo, another Jack The Ripper and another a snail and they’d all like nutella to be involved.  So ingeniously Matt and I have engineered a beautifully diverse plot in which some pirates rescue Jack the Ripper’s Best Friend Frodo who is drowning with a big rubber ring, he tells them he is looking for a real ring, they think it’s treasure and go to find it, get lost and end up in Egypt, where there is a storm and they all die except the Captain who goes on searching, waking up all the mummies who take him to the pharaoh who challenges him to a fight, which turns out to be a nutella spread off.

I am wasted here…give me a stage!


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I'm an International journalist/ social commentator/ ski champion/ guitar player/ Spanish speaker/ Kung-fu expert/ninja/superstar/spaceman……in the making…. making being the key word... A bit about me: I am young, energetic and flexible in my dreaming! Jason Mraz is my religion, politics and relationship status. I believe that any problem in life can be solved with a balanced symbiosis of Elton John, Shakespeare and Billy Joel. Some may say this makes me, either very lame, or very naive… I like to think it makes me idealistic…and I think at 24, that’s still ok… I have recently finished an MA at Falmouth University in Cornwall, England in International Journalism. Now I am employed as a video journalist by CRI in Beijing. Dream job! I want to make documentaries, have adventures and travel the world.

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