Having babies with Carlos the renegade pirate

March 10, 2009

So it’s one week from take-off and as many of you will know the recent days have prompted a fair few hours of self-analysis.

And well, the truth of the matter is I have stumbled across a major flaw in my psychological make-up, my apologies to all of you who have told me about it already a million times- conciliatory beverages on me!

It seems when making decisions I just don’t think.

Now, whilst other things in my life, such as does a tree get ticklish when you climb it (if it had feelings of course, which we ‘know’ it doesn’t…but what if it does and just can’t express it…just wants a back rub…or a coat…), are allotted decent thinking time and can often send me into a daze for several wall-staring hours, apparently life-altering decisions like, say, moving to Japan for example, are answered in a mere heartbeat.

It goes a little like this:

‘So Jess, howdya fancy moving to Japan to live on an island where no one speaks English and teach the three people who live there how to?’

La la la…what? I can’t speak Japanese. I’ve never taught a thing. And, most importantly, I never shut up. THAT WOULD MAKE SUCH A COOL STORY. ‘Ok!’ mmm those branches look swingable…la la la…

It’s not that I regret my decision at all, but as I find myself sat drinking courage out of a coffee cup two doors down from the Japanese embassy, it suddenly hits me. It’s not the actual move that scares me, but rather my complete blah blah blah to the finer details…and actually to the big ones as well come to think of it.

To be honest it amuses me…’pah! Tomorrow!’ has served me well so far and I have many a wee yarn to spin from living that way. But then I get to thinking… I can only hope that when it comes to having kids or saying I do I’ve done more than:

Well, I’ve never done it before and he is a renegade pirate called Carlos asking me up a tree…the speeches sure wont be boring! ‘Ok!’ Oooo a funny shaped cloud…la la la…

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About Jessica Dowse

I'm an International journalist/ social commentator/ ski champion/ guitar player/ Spanish speaker/ Kung-fu expert/ninja/superstar/spaceman……in the making…. making being the key word... A bit about me: I am young, energetic and flexible in my dreaming! Jason Mraz is my religion, politics and relationship status. I believe that any problem in life can be solved with a balanced symbiosis of Elton John, Shakespeare and Billy Joel. Some may say this makes me, either very lame, or very naive… I like to think it makes me idealistic…and I think at 24, that’s still ok… I have recently finished an MA at Falmouth University in Cornwall, England in International Journalism. Now I am employed as a video journalist by CRI in Beijing. Dream job! I want to make documentaries, have adventures and travel the world.

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