Bring forth Scuba Jess…

April 14, 2009

I attract a lot of attention.

If Japan were the sea and the people the fish, I would be the giant flopping snorkeler that just belly flopped into their serene world under the water. They’re all so friendly and gather round to say hello and ask me about my world on the land.

But I don’t speak fish.

I just wave and spout bubbles and accidentally flipper attack those that get too close. I am obscenely recognisable and not unwelcome, but our two worlds can never quite collide. I am forever in a bubble moving amongst them and when I try to reach out and touch, wanting to belong, to talk, they scatter.

See, I don’t speak fish.

My friend, he is so much cooler. He became fluent in piscine lingo… I call him a full-blown scuba diver. That’s what I aspire to. Not to skim the surface and wallow about in my obnoxious pink face mask, screaming ‘look at me!….but on the other hand don’t!’ But to glide svelte-like in the dark depths, smoothly and discreetly observing and learning… perhaps in a tight, neoprene, ninja-type wetsuit… hmm yes! I will never be a fish you see.

But I am tired of blowing bubbles…and thus from this moment forward I endeavour to become scuba Jess!

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About Jessica Dowse

I'm an International journalist/ social commentator/ ski champion/ guitar player/ Spanish speaker/ Kung-fu expert/ninja/superstar/spaceman……in the making…. making being the key word... A bit about me: I am young, energetic and flexible in my dreaming! Jason Mraz is my religion, politics and relationship status. I believe that any problem in life can be solved with a balanced symbiosis of Elton John, Shakespeare and Billy Joel. Some may say this makes me, either very lame, or very naive… I like to think it makes me idealistic…and I think at 24, that’s still ok… I have recently finished an MA at Falmouth University in Cornwall, England in International Journalism. Now I am employed as a video journalist by CRI in Beijing. Dream job! I want to make documentaries, have adventures and travel the world.

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